Ceylan Onay - Founder
Fashion Brand Consultancy

Ceylan Onay is the founder of C79Showroom Ltd, the consultant company based in London. She is the leading and pioneer consultant for strategic planning and brand trainings in 50 stores per season in Turkey, Germany, U.K. and Middle Eastern countries.

She has an impressive experience in fashion branding industry first as founder of C79 Showroom Istanbul for 8 years. C79 Showroom introduced many high end foreign brands to the Turkish fashion industry. Before C79 Showroom, Ceylan Onay worked as a procurement manager and brand manager in the retail operations of international brands and best luxury retail shops like Guess in Italy, Beymen, Vakko and Harvey Nichols in Italy and Turkey.

C79Showroom Ltd offers an extensive sales support, consultancy services and business partnership in terms of producing materials for staff and brand training, long term marketing strategies, accurate and perpetual market and pricing analyses and brand assessment. Ceylan Onay has over 20 years of experience and know-how across the European, Turkish, Middle East and partially the U.K. Market.